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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Because of the economy and the high price of cigarettes, many Bingo Players are talking about quitting smoking… NOT!

With the price of cigarettes rising every day, many bingo players remain die hards, having a dauber in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Online bingo sites are probably happy with this because they can offer Bingo players a place to play Bingo without the smoke – their own homes.

Bingo players who do not smoke, and are bothered by the smoke search for other ways to play bingo without having to endure smoky rooms and burning eyes.

Many of this Bingo Babes friends smoke. They always have smoked and always will smoke. They don’t even want to talk about quitting.

Then there are the Bingo players who are convinced that most of their Bingo Buddy friends just won’t admit that they really don’t like smoking at all. They are addicted… that’s it… a sad fact, but a true one and they will keep smoking.

The smokers all light one cigarette after the other while daubing away and continue to cough and complain about how their chests hurt because they are smoking too much. The non smokers just have to put up with it. After all, it is the non smokers choice not to smoke and this particular Bingo hall allows smoking. Bottom line here is if the non smokers don’t want to breath in all that nasty smoke, they would just have to find another place to play. It’s just the way it is.

The smokers only really bothered me when I couldn’t hear the numbers being called because of their coughing and hacking, and I never did like the smell. Even though I smoked myself, I never smoked in my home, and every night after bingo I would strip right out of my clothes and toss them into the washing machine. I couldn’t get into bed until I showered off the strong cigarette smell. When you sit in a room with hundreds of cigarettes going all at the same time, even with the best ventilation, the smell sticks to you like glue!

One of the nicest things about online bingo rooms is the fact that you can sit around and play your favorite online bingo games without being annoyed by the smoke. It is sure healthier and I can definitely understand those players that will choose to quit their old bingo habits and start playing at online bingo sites. It might be hard for the land-based bingo industry, but this is how things go, I guess.

To the right are some of the Games that this Bingo Babe enjoys. I like having the option. I still enjoy going to the local hall to be with my friends, but with online bingo I can play whenever I want, without the smoke and I can even play in my nightie. Another fun thing about playing privately at home is I can jump up out of my chair when I win and do my Funky Bodacious Bingo Babe winning dance and pour myself a glass of wine to celebrate. Now how Bingo Bodacious is that!

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Who would have thunk?

Bingo playin’ celebrities

I searched for names of celebrities who enjoy a game of online bingo and I came up with a nice list of actors, athletes and musicians who are avid fans of bingo and online bingo games.

Among them are both American and British celebrities like: Russel Crowe, Catherine-Zeta Jones, Shane Richie, Jade Jagger, Denise Van Outen, Michael Douglas, Sara Cox, Robbie Williams and even the ex-president of the United States, Mr. Bill Clinton himself claimed that he is into bingo. A nice respectful list, if you ask me. Makes me feel honored to be an American Online Bingo Player!

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Bingo Babe Talk Recipe of the Month

This Bingo Babe Talk Recipe of the Month was submitted by Bingo Babe Karen Ann Randle from Liberty, New York

Mmmmmm…Double Daubed Peanut Butter and Jelly cookies

Heat oven to 350 degrees
Makes about 5 dozen cookies (4 dozen when you make em’ big like I do)

1 Cup butter flavor CRISCO all vegetable shortening
1 cup JIF creamy Peanut Butter
1 tsp. vanilla
2/3 cup firmly packed light brown sugar
1/3 cup granulated sugar
2 large eggs
2 cups all purpose flour
1 jar SMUCKERS strawberry (or any flavor you like) preserves

Combine shortening, peanut butter and vanilla in a food processor fitted with a metal blade. Process until well blended and smooth.
Add Brown and granulated sugars and mix until completely incorporated.
Add eggs and mix just until blended.
Add flour and pulse until dough begins to form a ball. Be careful not to over process.

Place dough in a bowl.
Shape 3/4 Tablespoon dough into a ball for each cookie and place 2 inches apart on an ungreased cookie sheet.
Wash one of your Bingo Daubers and use the round plastic cap to press into the center of each ball to create a well. (Your thumb works well to, but the round dauber caps are just the right size and the indentations all come out the same)
Fill each indentation with about ½ tsp. preserves.

Bake for 10 minutes or until lightly browned and firm.
Cool on cookie sheet about 5 minutes before transferring them.

Don’t forget to check out the Bingo Babe Talk Recipes submission page. We are always on the lookout for great easy recipes to get us out the door to Bingo quickly.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Question: Why did the Bingo Babe Change her Bingo Hall?

The Bingo Babe changed Bingo Hall because it was time for a CHANGE! The Bingo Babe wanted CHANGE!

My friends, that Bingo Babe changed her Bingo Hall because she recognized the need to engage in cooperation and dialogue with all the Bingo Babes in all the other Bingo Halls.

When I was First Lady, I personally helped that Bingo Babe to have the right to change her hall. This experience makes me uniquely qualified to ensure — right from Day One! — that every Bingo Babe in this country has the opportunity she deserves to change her Bingo Hall if she wants to. But then, this really isn’t about me……

The problem we have here is that this Bingo Babe won’t realize that she must first deal with the problem in this Bingo Hall before she goes looking for problems in all the OTHER Bingo Halls. What we need to do is help her realize how stupid she’s acting by not taking on her ‘CURRENT’ problems before adding ‘NEW’ problems.

Well, I understand that this Bingo Babe is having problems winning, which is why she wants to change Bingo Halls so Badly. So instead of having this Bingo Babe learn from her mistakes and possibly lose her money, which is a part of life, I’m going to
give this Bingo Babe a new car so that she can just drive to any other Bingo hall she wants.

We don’t really care why the Bingo Babe changed her Bingo Hall. We just want to know if this Bingo Babe is in our Bingo Hall or not. This Bingo Babe is either playing against us, or with us. There is no middle ground here.

Now to the left of the screen, you can clearly see the satellite image of the Bingo Babe going into an unauthorized Bingo hall…

We have reason to believe there is a Bingo Babe, but we have not yet been allowed to have access to the other Bingo Hall.

Although I voted to let the Bingo Babe change her Bingo hall, I am now against it! It was the wrong Bingo Hall to choose, and I was misled about the Bingo Babe’s intentions. I am not for it now, and will remain against it.

That Bingo Babe changed Bingo halls because she’s GUILTY! You can see it in her eyes and the way she walks.

To steal the jackpot from a decent, hardworking American.

No one called me to warn me which way that Bingo Babe was going. I had a chance to unload my stock in that Bingo hall before the payouts dropped to a certain level. No Bingo Babe gave me any insider information.

Did the Bingo Babe change her hall? Did she do it without taking a fall? Yes, the Bingo Babe changed her hall. She has every right to, after all.

To play in the rain. Alone…

In my day we didn’t ask why the Bingo Babe changed her Bingo Hall. Somebody told us the Bingo Babe was going to change her Bingo Hall, and that was good enough.

Isn’t that interesting? In a few moments, we will be listening to this Bingo Babe tell, for the first time, the heartwarming story of how she experienced a serious case of Bad Bingo Luck, and went on to accomplish her lifelong dream of changing to a new Bingo hall and winning the jackpot prize.

It is the nature of Bingo Babes to simply change Bingo halls?.

Imagine all the Bingo Babes in the world changing their Bingo Halls together, in peace.

I have just released eBingoBabe2008, which will not only change your Bingo Hall status, but will Daub your cards, keep an itemized, organized, alphabetized list of your winnings, and balance your check book. Internet Explorer is an integral part of the Bingo Babe Strategy. This new platform is much more stable and will never cra…#@&&^(C% ……… reboot.

Did the Bingo Babe really change her Bingo Hall, or did the Bingo Hall change beneath the Bingo Babe?

I did not Play Bingo with THAT Bingo Babe. What is your definition of playing Bingo?

I invented the Bingo Hall!

Where’s my gun?

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Elvis Is In the Bingo Hall

It's One for the money

Two for the show

Three ta get ready…Now go BINGO!

But don’t you, step on my Blue Suede shoes…

Elvis’s Blue suede shoes

As you can imagine, this Bodacious Bingo Babe is also a big Elvis fan. So last Saturday night I walked into my local Bingo hall wearing a fabulous shirt that was made from Elvis fabric. I mean ta tell ya Babes, I had Elvis’s face all over me! This shirt had to be the most outrageous shirt I own, but being the essence of Bodacious… And… being it was a gift from a very dear friend, it was one of my favorites and I wore it proudly.

The Babes at my table immediately started kidding me about it. Pretty soon we were all laughing about the outrageous gifts we had received from family and friends through the years. Tears just poured down our faces as we tried to daub our numbers. Who would have ever thought there could be so many things with Elvis’s face on it?

One by one we traded stories about the most cherished, most tacky or most outrageous gifts. My Bingo Babe friend Margie won. I mean really…can you imagine…an egg platter, with a different picture of Elvis in each hole. (The truth is…I would just love to have one!) Well it wasn’t long before everyone agreed that what Bingo Babe Talk needs is an “Outrageous Elvis Gift Contest”.

Please write and tell us all about your most loved or laughed at Elvis Possession. Send a picture if you have one to Bodacious Bingo Babe, and we will post the winner.

Judging will be done by this Bodacious Bingo Babe's inner group of the most Bodacious of Babes.

If you are looking for really cool Elvis gifts, check out Giftapolis the one stop shop for cool Elvis stuff.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Psychic Bingo Bird

This Bingo Story is simply too Amazing not to be told!

I have a little Peach-face Lovebird named Bingo. Of course her name is BINGO…What else would this Bodacious Bingo Babe name her bird?

Anyway, I had bought a children’s Bingo set for a friend’s daughter for her birthday, a future Bingo Babe in training!

The set comes with little plastic chips with a Bingo number printed on each one, which the child who was the caller would pull out of a little cloth bag. As we were setting up the game to play, we dumped all the pieces out onto the table.

My pet bird Bingo, who was sitting on my shoulder at the time, was fascinated by all the brightly colored chips. She quickly hopped down onto the table and after carefully examining each chip, she began picking them up one at a time and putting them in a pile on the other side of the table. With each return trip she would pick up one or two chips and drop them back down on the table before making her final decision on which one she would bring back to her pile.

As I watched her, the thought occurred to me that this precious little lovebird put careful consideration into each pick. I personally have spent hours agonizing over which numbers I would use for my “U-Pick-ums” or some Bingo Halls call them “Circle 7’s”. It is a game where the Player picks seven numbers and circles them on a special sheet. The player wins when all of the seven numbers the player has picked have been called.

Then the idea came to me!

I gathered all the chips back into one pile and sat back to watch as Bingo carefully looked them all over. Each time she picked out a chip, I wrote the number down until she had picked out 7 numbers.

Now here is the amazing part of the story…

That night at Bingo I won the “U-Pick-Um” Jackpot!

So you know who is going to pick out my seven lucky numbers from now on?
My little psychic friend Bingo the Peach-faced Lovebird!

I couldn’t keep Bingo’s rare talent to myself, so this Bodacious Bingo Babe has decided to offer Bingo’s services to all of my readers. If you would like to receive “Psychic Bingo Bird’s Special Number Picks” enter your name and email address in the box to the right.

Bingo’s special numbers will be emailed to you twice a month.

And please… when you win, write and tell me all about it!

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Star Quote of the Week

Robin Williams said...

"Spring is nature's way of saying Let's Party!"

This Bodacious Bingo Babe completely agrees. So, gather up all your Bingo Buddies and head on out to your local Bingo hall and yell BINGO loud and clear (only of course when you do have a Bingo!).

And, oh ya... don't forget to do your Happy Wiggle Chair Dance.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Is Your Bingo Parking Lot Safe?

In order for Bodacious Bingo Babe to pass along some words of wisdom, she must first tell you a little story.

I am generally a creature of habit. When I go to my local Bingo hall, I always park in the same place, sit in the same seat and spend basically the same amount of money each week.

This one sunny day, I arrived at Bingo a little late. My usual parking space had been taken, so I drove around the block looking for another close place to park. Behind the Bingo hall was a narrow alley that lead to a small parking area. Again, in my defense, the sun was shining, the birds were singing. It was a glorious day, so I pulled into a space, grabbed my Bingo bag, locked my car and dashed into the building.

I never gave where I parked my car another thought as I played Bingo and racked in the cash. I was having one of the luckiest nights of my life! It seemed like I won every other game all night long. I get tingly all over just thinking about it!

At the end of the night, I happily danced out the front door of the hall, forgetting that my car was not in its usual spot.

It was 11:00 at night and the bright, well lit alley was now completely black. I walked slowly down the alley trying to focus my eyes in the dark, when suddenly, I felt a hand clamp down over my shoulder. I was too frightened even to scream as the large man turned me around and guided me back to the safety of the main street. As we got closer to the streetlight, I recognized the man as Bob (not his real name) from the Bingo hall. He was a regular there and always sat at a table in the back by himself. Several weeks ago, Bob was having trouble with the computer he was playing on and I jumped up in the middle of the game, fixed his computer, patted him on the back and wished him good luck before I dashed back to my own cards. He always smiled to me after that and I always sent back a friendly wave hello. He looked like such a lonely man and no one ever really spoke to him.

Anyway, if he had pulled me deeper down the alley, I have no idea what I would have done. But instead, he whispered in my ear that he “had my back,” and I should come with him as he kept a grip on my shoulder and guided me back toward the light.

When we got to the main street, and walked around to the front of the building, Bob informed me that he knew there were two men hiding in back of my car waiting for me so they could steal my money.

“I heard ‘em talkin’ Missy,” Bob said to me, as he wiped the sweat from his brow. “Those boys were up to no good and I couldn’t let ‘em hurt ya.”

Bless his heart. As big and strong as Bob is, the pore man was shaking like a leaf!

Bob continued to explain that he overheard a young man who was playing only a few cards at the table next to him. This young man would call someone on his cell phone every time someone won a large amount of money and would give the two men that waited outside a description of the person who won and where they put their winnings.

Because of the small kindness I had showed Bob, he put his own safety on the line to protect me, and very possibly could have saved my life.

The Police were notified and after a “sting operation” the following week, the organized gang was caught and arrested.

So here are a few of my words of wisdom. Plan your Bingo night. Clean out your purse, or better yet, don’t take one at all. Put only what you need (drivers license, cash) to play Bingo in a small purse which you carry on your body, not in your BINGO BAG. If you don’t have a Bingo Bag, get one. A good place to find one is Giftapolis. A thief would assume your money is in your Bingo Bag. Only take with you the amount of money you are willing to lose at Bingo. Never take a credit card. It is too easy to get caught up in all the excitement. With one swipe of a credit card you can really put yourself in debt. Ask me…I talk from experience here. But that’s yet another story.

So who do you go to when you want some really good advice about safety to pass along to all your Bingo Babe Family? The Safety Lady, of course!!! Today Bodacious Bingo Babe will step aside and leave today’s "Words of Wisdom" to the expert. Read carefully...


1. ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings. If the Parking Lot is new to you drive around first and familiarize yourself.
2. Night Parking suggests that you park in a well lit area.
3. Park as close to the building as possible. Back in to the space, if possible. This makes for a faster escape, if necessary.
4. Do not leave any valuables in plain view. If you want to put something in your trunk, do it BEFORE you leave home.
5. When leaving/entering your vehicle lock the open door immediately! Do not wait for automatic locks to work and do not use your remote to lock once you are outside of your vehicle.
6. Walk confidently, looking around the area at all times. Stay focused. Walking in pairs, especially at night, is also a good idea.
7. Carry your ID/money on your body not in a handbag (or your Bingo Bag). If you carry a handbag, make sure it is close to your body.
9. When returning to your vehicle make sure no one is in, around or under it.
10. Always have your keys/remote ready. Do not open your car with your remote until you are at the door. Unlock ONLY the Driver’s side door. (and remember #5. Lock your door BEFORE you even get in.)
11. Do not sit in car without starting the engine. Remember your keys are ready and available. Do not do paperwork, etc.
12. Do not talk to anyone/roll down your window/or anything … just go.
13. If someone suspicious approaches, blast your horn and go.
14. If someone stands anywhere near your car with a gun … go! If someone stands in front of your car with a gun … run him/her over!
15. Always carry Pepper Spray. It works instantly to deter a criminal!

None of this is being paranoid! This is being Smart! Stay Alert! Make Safety a Habit! Be Safe Always!

Contact Be Safe Always!/the Safety Lady at …..

So learn from this Bodacious Bingo Babes mistake... remember…Neverever… park in a place where no one can see you. In my rush to get into the building and play Bingo, I never noticed or even thought about the danger I put myself in. I was just blessed to have made a new guardian angel friend. Thank you Bob.

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Bodacious Bingo Babe's Best Guacamole Dip

3 Avocados
½ cup Fresh Diced Tomatoes
¼ cup Finely Chopped Onion
3 Tbsp. Fresh Chopped Cilantro
3 Tbsp. Lime Juice
Salt and Pepper to Taste

Halve avocados, remove pit and scoop the flesh from the shell using a spoon. Roughly mash (Bodacious Bingo Babe likes it chunky).

Add tomatoes, onion, cilantro, lime juice, salt and pepper and mix together.

Boy, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Serve with a bowl of your favorite tortilla chips.

Put it in a Tupperware container and take it to Bingo to share with your Bingo Babes. While they are distracted, and telling you how wonderful it tastes as they lick their fingers, you just might get a Bingo! (Sneaky, aren’t I?)

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Is There Really a Secret to Winning at Bingo?

First, let me set the scene. Picture it. Friday night. The Bingo hall is buzzing with chatter and the clatter of daubers. The next number flashes in the monitor. The Bingo Babe to my left asks her friend sitting across from her, "What was the last number called?" as she shuffles her papers around and roots through her purse looking for a candy bar.

"B-6 I think", her friend answers as she tries to wave down a floor runner* so she could order some coffee, opens a few more pull-tabs*, lights a cigarette, grabs her dauber and looks at me hoping I have the answer.

I nod my head “yes” as I continue daubing and then glance up at the monitor to see the next number coming up. There it was... G-55 ...the number I needed to Bingo. I raise my hand, and when the number is called I yell BINGO! I do my little ‘happy dance chair wiggle’ as I collect my money.

Cursing me under their breath, they ball up their papers and toss them onto the table next to the pile of candy wrappers and empty coffee cups.

These two disorganized and very distracting Babes had the usual statements to make about how some people have all the luck and how they wished they could just win just one game.

This breaks the 5th Rule of the Bingo 10 Commandments: “Thou shall not wish bad luck on thy neighbor”.

OK…now… Bodacious Bingo Babe has very strong opinions about this. You see, I play a lot of Bingo. I play a lot of paper when I play Bingo, and I take my Bingo very seriously.

Yes, yes, I play to have fun with my fellow Bingo Babes and to hear all the latest gossip like everyone else, BUT, I also play to WIN! When I heard the question, “Why does she have all the luck?” It got me to thinkin’ “Is there really a secret to winning Bingo?”

Well first you must accept the fact that Bingo is a game of luck. There is no way to know what the next ball will be. But there are things you can do to make sure you put yourself in the best possible position to win, so when that ball does come up, you are ready.

So here are a few suggestions from this Bodacious Bingo Babe that I hope will help you.

1st and foremost, be organized. Get to your bingo hall with time enough to buy your papers and get them in the order they need to be in. Most Bingo halls give you a printed program of the games they are playing that night. Buy your coffee, get your daubers, snacks, tape etc., out and in order so when you need them, you know where they are.

2. Check all your daubers. (I usually do this at home) Make sure your daubers are not dried out. Wipe around the edges to keep them flowing smoothly. If they are dry, dip the little round sponge part into warm water, and then gently roll the dauber back and forth on an extra sheet of paper. I have seen Babes dip their daubers into their cup of drinking water because the game started and their daubers were dry. Dauber ink is usually non-toxic, but drinking green or blue water is just gross and the over moist dauber sponges then tend to splash ink onto everyone around.

3. Read the program and put your papers in order. (I know I am repeating myself here). Make sure you are familiar with all the games before they start. Mark (daub) anything that needs to be daubed ahead of time (such as the odd/even coverall, wild numbers, extra bonanza’s, etc.)

4. If you are playing a lot of paper, take the time to tape your papers together. There is nothing worse than having someone sitting next to you scrambling to find all their papers, spreading them out, and then trying to catch up with the numbers they missed as their papers shift around.

5. If your hall plays games such as circle 7’s or u-pick-ums, try to think about that the night before. Write down your favorite numbers on a sheet of paper (I use an index card) and keep them in your Bingo bag. This way you just have to refer to the card and it you won’t waste time trying to figure out your numbers at the last minute. AND YES…All lucky Bingo Babes have a BINGO BAG for all their Bingo stuff. That is one of the ways we stay organized. There are many to choose from. I happen to be a BETTY BOOP fan and found a great Bingo bag with matching daubers and even a Betty Boop T-shirt to match at Giftapolis.

6. Make sure, when you pick your seat, you can SEE the monitor and HEAR the caller. There are several ways you can play Bingo.

The 1st is to SEE the number, the 2nd is to HEAR the number and the 3rd is BOTH.

Let me take a moment here to explain…

When the Bingo game begins, the caller will put the 1st ball in the monitor for everyone to see. This gives you the advantage to start daubing before the number is called. The second number will appear in the monitor as the 1st number is being called.

SO…You see the number 1st, then you hear it.

This can sometimes be confusing to new players because they see one number and hear another.
A good strategy is to train yourself to play the monitor*. Staying one ball ahead, gives you the advantage to YELL BINGO before the Babes playing by HEARING the number have the chance to hear it, find it, daub it, and check for a Bingo pattern. This is important, because the faster you can yell BINGO and stop the game, the better your chances are of not having to split* the prize with anyone else.

Impatient Bingo Babes will just put down their daubers when they hear or see someone already has Bingo. Many times they have a Bingo too, but because you were a number ahead, and knew you had the Bingo, you were able to alert the caller* to stop the game. This is always to your advantage.

Also…by playing the monitor, you can train your brain to ‘zone out’ all the other conversation going on around you. We will go into Training Your Brain in another post. This strategy will also enable you to have a few extra seconds to check the game board* in the event you are waiting* or set* for one more ball.

Let’s face it Babes, even the best of us miss a number from time to time. This is why it is so important to continually check the game board to see what numbers have been called and possibly catching a number you missed.

Now that brings us to conversation…When the game begins...Shut Up!! (I was going to be kind and say “be quiet”, but shut up is more to the point.)

Let the latest gossip or story about your children, grandchildren or husband wait until the game is over. All your concentration should be on seeing the number, daubing the number and hearing the number as you check for the pattern you are looking for. Unfocused Bingo Babes do win in spite of themselves.

But, focused Bingo Babes win MORE. That’s how we have managed to perfect our happy dance chair wiggle.

So that was some of my best advice. If you have any other secrets to winning at Bingo, don’t keep them to yourself. Share them here by submitting your suggestion to Contact Me.

* Floor runner... a the person who answers questions, sells extra specials and PAYS you your winnings
* Pull-tabs... extra games you can purchase that you pull the cardboard tab off to reveal a prize * Play the monitor... seeing the number in the monitor before the number is called
* Split... when more than one person wins, the prize is split between the winners
* Set... player needs one more number to win
* Waiting... same as being set, the player needs one more number to win

See more Bingo terms at "Bingo Lingo", Bingo Babe Talk of 4/5/2008.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dauber Ink Disaster

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing was going right?

Well I’m here to tell ya Babes, today, was one of those days.

All I wanted to do was clean out my Bingo bag to get ready for Bingo. I always clean my daubers and make sure they are all full before I head out the door.

Anyway, Like I was saying. I was cleaning my daubers and wanted to go ahead and fill them all up. I have a simple routine I use to keep the mess contained…or so I thought.

I set a plastic wash basin, which I got at the dollar store, on the counter next to the sink. I put an old newspaper next to it to daub off the extra ink. I use paper towels to twist off the caps and clean the dried ink from around the edges of the dauber sponges. Under the sink I keep a box, which I toss almost empty daubers into. Sometimes it’s fun to try and mix up different colors, but a word of warning Babes, you must be careful when you do this, because it is not a good idea to mix different brand inks.

Anyway, I pulled out a bottle of purple ink and decided to mix it with pink. Carefully, I removed the spongecaps from both bottles, setting the bottles next to the sink. The caps with the ink soaked paper towels went into the basin. I swear to you, I only turned my back for a moment. But just as I turned my back, my cat jumped onto the counter knocking over both bottles, splattering ink everywhere. Ink flowed quickly over the edge of the counter, down the side and onto the floor. I scream in horror as the pink mixes with the purple in a stream under the table.
Tsunami (yes, my cats name is Tsunami) takes off with a tail full of ink…The dog comes running, slides through the ink and then proceeds to chase the cat who was now standing on my couch shaking her ink covered paws in disgust. I let out another blood curdling scream as my husband comes running in and slips on the ink the dog had tracked all over the floor. I jump forward trying to catch my husband and…you guessed it…Down I go with him into a pool of ink. The dog, thinking this is all great fun comes bounding back wagging his ink laden tail to see what is going on. With all the excitement he starts running around the house barking and trailing ink everywhere. Tsunami just sat down looking very amused at the whole situation as she swished her tail back and forth rubbing ink all over the back of the couch and the wall.

Within moments there was not an inch of my house that wasn’t covered in ink. It trailed down the hallway into the bedrooms, over my bedspreads. All the furniture was covered in paw prints. This was beyond just a little ink miss-hap. Leaning on one elbow, my husband tries to wipe the ink off his face, but instead just spreads a purple streak from his nose to his hairline. I start to laugh as the tears roll down my face. The only one who could help us now would be “The Cat in the Hat”.

So I am asking all my Bingo Babe friends for help. If anyone out there knows the secret how to get dauber ink out of carpets or off of upholstered furniture, this Bodacious Bingo Babe really needs your help. Please Contact Me me with your suggestions.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Persistent Bingo Babes

Calvin Coolidge once said “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence”.

As all of you Bingo Babes out there know, we are persistent. Week after week we continue to hone our skills and pray for that big win. Our own Bodacious Bingo Babe is dedicated to continually filling this blog with all the information you need to help you to that end along with her humorous bingo related stories, jokes and great recipes to make your life easier.

The feedback and support we have received has been nothing less than joyous. We are always interested in any comments or suggestions you have. If there is something specific you would like our Bodacious Bingo Babe to talk about, just let her know. She would love to hear from you.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Today, the Bodacious Bingo Babe sets aside her humor...

Every once in a while our Bodacious Bingo Babe needs to talk seriously.

This article is not cute or funny like most of the Bodacious Babes posts. Today, this short post has absolutely nothing to do with BINGO, but nevertheless, it has everything to do with the health and happiness of all the Bingo Babes that are so important to her…. I want to talk about “Susan G. Komen for the Cure”.

Since 1982, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure transformed the way the world talks about and treats cancer. Today, it “is the world’s largest grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists fighting to save lives, empower people, ensure quality care for all and energize science to find the cures”. They have invested nearly $1 billion to end breast cancer forever! Becoming aware helps turn millions of patients into survivors.

Please take a moment to go to the Komen Promise Shop and make a purchase to further support this wonderful organization.

Your purchase of the “Talk about it” shirt will support Komen’s efforts to create a world without breast cancer.

This Bodacious Bingo Babe loves to wear pink. Let this pink shirt show you care.

There are more than 125 cities and communities with survivors and activists, and there are more and more Komen Race for the Cure events around the world. Thanks to the dedicated survivors and activists the Komen Affiliate Network is this nation’s largest private funder of community-based breast cancer screening, treatment and health education programs.

To find Komen in your area, please go to this link Komen Area Affiliates.

And as I always say, if you find the article interesting, please, pass the word on!

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Monday, April 14, 2008


Have you ever watched one of those Bingo Babes play what looks like a million cards and yet she manages to daub every number with lightning speed. Well this Babe has developed Bingo eye. It is a technique that can be mastered with a little practice.

Say you are looking for “G-47”. As you go down the “G” row you should read the numbers backwards. Instead of looking at the entire number (4 + 7), you should only be looking for the 7. When you locate a 7, then you back into the number to see if it is 47 or a 57. It could only be one of those 2 numbers. It takes some practice to retrain your brain not to complete the task of reading every entire number and to skim over any number that does not have a 7. After a while your brain will have built in radar, and your Bingo eye will allow the number you are looking for to actually jump up at you.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Gee...I didn't know that...

Got this tip from one of my favorite Bingo Buddies.

If you peel a banana from the bottom, NOT the top that connects it to the bunch, you won't have to pick all the little stringy things off of it. That's how the primates do it.
Also, as soon as you bring your bananas home from the store, take them apart. Leaving them connected on the stem makes them ripen faster.
Now...If i could just learn to hold my Bingo Dauber with my feet like those primates, I could play a lot more Bingo cards!

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bingo Luck

Good fortune can be yours for the taking. You just need to be optimistic.

Lucky Bingo Babes truly believe with all their hearts that tonight is the night for that big win and happily cross their fingers in anticipation. Luck seems to happen to people who engage in constructive activities. In other words, you must act and participate to be lucky. When one lucky woman won the lottery twice in four months reporters called it a one-in-a-trillion coincidence. But researchers found that the odds were actually 1 in 30. Lucky Bingo Babes are not put off by perceived long shots. They take chances, buy pull-tabs, buy extra jackpot papers, rub their lucky daubers, and are sure that tonight will be the night.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008



Submitted by Bingo Babe Stacy from Orlando, Florida

This is one of those dishes that you can prepare for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is fast, easy and my kids love it. My husband calls it a Man’s comfort food. Works for me! As long as I can get out the door fast for Bingo.

2 large eggs, beaten
¼ cup milk
8 slices white or (I prefer honey whole wheat) bread
4 slices Swiss cheese (3 to 4 oz.)
Thin sliced Ham (about 4 oz.)
1 to 2 T. Butter

Whisk eggs and milk in a bowl.
Put one slice of cheese and one slice of Ham on each piece of bread.
Fold in half and use your fingers to pinch the crust of the bread closed around the edges.
Dip the sandwiches into the egg mixture, turning to coat both sides.
Melt 1 T. butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Add pockets and fry until golden brown (2 or 3 minutes per side) adding more butter if necessary.

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Star Quote of the Week

Danny De Vito said....

"The choices we make, dictate the lives we lead."

So this Bodacious Bingo Babe says "I’ve made my choice... I'm going to BINGO!"

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Bingo Is An Addiction - Face Reality

Face reality...BINGO is an addiction. Accept it for what it is and make it work for you. So on that note, here is my advice.

If you are anything like me, you play BINGO as often as you can and spend a lot of money doing it. The first thing you need to do is open a separate BINGO bank account. Then every time you win at BINGO, take 10% off the top of your winnings (20% if you can) and deposit it into your BINGO Bank Account. You must do this the next day so you don't play it back. DO NOT touch that account for at least a year. At the end of the year you should have enough to go on vacation or at least buy yourself something wonderful.

If you are a real smart BINGO BABE, you will let the money grow or buy a bank CD.

This little bit of advice will take some adjusting to, but it will be so worth it in the end.

Good luck and happy BINGO-banking!

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bingo Research

Did you know physical exercise will tone up your body, but the game of Bingo enhances your mental speed, observation skills and memory?

Research shows that Bingo keeps you in peek mental form.

So don’t feel guilty about canceling your membership at the gym.

When you play Bingo you will not only keep your mind sharp, but you will also build mighty muscles in your butt that will enable you to sit for long periods of time.

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Bizarre Bingo Babes

I have met some wonderful people at Bingo. To me it is like a big club. You can walk into any Bingo hall, in ANYTOWN USA and meet someone interesting. But then again, there are the unusual bingo babes. The Babes we wonder about. Here are just a few.

The Troll Lady Bingo Babe. You know the Babe I am talking about. Every hall has one. She always gets to Bingo at least an hour early so she can take up and entire table for herself and set up all her little troll dolls. There has to be at least a dozen of them for her to qualify as a true Troll Lady Bingo Babe. As she plays Bingo she talks to them and makes them pretend to run over her cards wishing her good luck. And a little advice….Never…Ever…touch the Troll Lady’s trolls. Tell her how cute they are, but don’t touch.

Then there is the Born Again Bingo Babe. Most of the night she will pray to Jesus, holding her hand to her heart for that one ball she needs to Bingo. If she is lucky enough to Bingo, she will tell all her table-mates it was Gods will, because, God will always answer your wishes if you pray hard enough. I guess now I know what I have been doing wrong all these years.

Usually at another table in earshot of the Born again Babe, would be the OH SHIT Bingo Babe. I don’t know why it happens that way. But as one is praying to Jesus, the other is cursing his name, upsetting the bejesus out of the Born again Babe. Every time she is waiting for a number, and the wrong number comes up, she will say "OH SHIT!…JESUS!…I ONLY NEED B10 or N33!"

I need to mention, my personal pet peeve…

The Dauber Banger Bingo Babe - she absolutely gets on my last nerve. I am sure you all have encountered one of them. You can’t hear anything around you, and can’t concentrate on anything else except her dauber BANGING on every number. I have never understood the mentality of a Dauber Banger Babe. They have to know it bothers you. You tell them it bothers you and they do it anyway. Well I’m here to tell you Dauber Banger Babe…YOU NEED TO STOP IT…PLEASE…JUST STOP IT.

On that same note...
We have the Number Repeater Bingo Babe, and the Complainer Bingo Babe. Then of course there’s the Shusher Bingo Babe trying to shush them both, only to be silenced by the Miserable, Mean, Ugly Bingo Babe who will ultimately take her cigarette out of her mouth just long enough to tell them all to “shut the hell up”.

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Bingo Lingo

CALLER: The person who calls out the bingo numbers.

COVERAL / BLACKOUT: You must cover all the numbers on your card.

DAUBER: An ink marker sold in a small bottle for the purpose of marking off called numbers on your bingo papers.

FREE SPACE: The center space of each card is a free space and counts toward your winning bingo patterns, unless, the pattern is a “Hardway Pattern”, which means you may NOT use the free space to win.

GAME BOARD: A Display board that shows the bingo numbers in play. Most game boards also show the pattern you are looking for.

HARDWAY BINGO: A straight line BINGO without using the free space.

DOUBLE HARDWAY: TWO straight lines on the same card without using the free space.

JACKPOT: A larger prize usually won by achieving a difficult pattern, such as a coverall.

PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT: A Jackpot that continues to grow until it is won in a certain amount of numbers. Jackpots are usually a separate buy-in.

VALIDATION: After a BINGO is called the players eligibility for the jackpot award is determined.

WILD NUMBER: The Wild Number is determined by the first number called in a game. For example, if the first number called is N-47, then all numbers ending in “7” including B-7 should be daubed on all your cards.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Bingo Babe's Collection of Stories, Jokes, Recipes, and Suggestions

First, how do you thank years of good friends, great stories and evenings spent merrily playing BINGO, talking about children, husbands and lives little tragedies, not to mention the abundance of wisdom and moral support.

I can only wish you all to have the opportunity to win a huge jackpot and not have to split it with anyone else.

BINGO…Just saying the word (yelling it is better!) makes me feel tingly all over. There is nothing I can think of that I enjoy more than a night out with my friends playing Bingo. I know I am not the only one out there who feels the same way, so I thought it would be fun to put together this little site to talk about my passion, ask questions, give answers and find out what everyone else thinks.

First let’s start with some basic rules. I found these and thought it would be the perfect place to start. We have all said them. We have all broken them from time to time and we have all forgiven ourselves.

The 10 Commandments of BINGO
(Author Unknown)

1. Thou shall not sit in thy neighbor’s lucky seat
2. Thou shall not stare at thy neighbors cards
3. Thou shall not take thy caller’s name in vein
4. Thou shall not call false "BINGO"
5. Thou shall not wish bad luck on thy neighbor
6. Thou shall not threaten to kill the caller
7. Thou shall not steal thy husband’s money for BINGO
8. Thou shall not brag about how much thou hast won
9. Thou shall not whine about how much thou hast lost
10. Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s winnings

In answer to the question…you know you are addicted to BINGO when:

Here are a few short stories about things that have really happened at one of my favorite Bingo halls. I am still amazed, but not terribly surprised at the things some people will do to play BINGO.

The names have been changed to protect the temporarily insane, but my dear friends, you know who you are!

Mary went to the supermarket and as she stood looking at the steak she was planning to buy for dinner, she equated it to how many early birds games she could play. So instead of the steak, she bought hamburger meat and used the difference to play BINGO. That night she won the jackpot and was able to take her husband out to a lovely restaurant for a steak dinner. Sounds to me like they both won!

My dear friend Wanda had missed BINGO for six weeks while she was recovering from a broken leg. The week before her cast was to be removed she asked her husband to please drive her to BINGO. When he refused, she went into the garage and used his power tools to remove the cast so she could drive to BINGO herself. Now that’s determination!

Anna Marie was on a fixed income. After being so careful with her money for so many years, clipping as many coupons as she could stand and always remembering to turn off every light, she cashed in her life insurance policy, because she figured "What was life without BINGO anyway." Amazing, but true.

Sandy arrived at BINGO wearing a large raincoat over her shoulders. When she let the coat slide off, she revealed her sons piggy bank stuck on her hand. She had been trying to fish out some quarters for bingo when her hand simply got stuck. We all laughed until we cried, even though Sandy didn’t think it was all that funny. With our help and half a bottle of soap from the ladies room, we were able to finally remove her hand from the piggy bank. I guess you could say we helped her launder money for Bingo.

And my personal favorite story is about Jackie. She was 9 months pregnant at the time and came waddling into bingo. During the halftime break we found her in the ladies room leaning against the wall holding her well rounded belly. She was already in labor. Being that this was her fifth child she assured us she still had a little more time and no matter what we all said to her, she was bound and determined to finish out the night. She played the last game and was rushed to the hospital, where she delivered a beautiful 7 pound 8 ounce baby boy. When he was born all the nurses laughed when she yelled…you got it…BINGO!

If you have a great TRUE short story you would like to share with us, please Contact Me.

Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, and Carmen Maranda

A little bit of funny…

Question: What has little balls and screws old ladies?
Answer: ….a BINGO machine

A true BINGO player only plays BINGO on days that end in "Y"

Do You Know a Good BINGO Joke??? Let everyone read it here. Submit your joke by sending me an email at Contact Me.

If you could play bingo with any famous person in the world, who would it be and why? Please Send me an email at Contact Me.


I’d want to play bingo with Michael Jackson because it would be a Thriller.


Here is a fast and easy recipe to prepare for your family on bingo night that will get you out the door fast and guilt free.


3 T paprika
1 ½ tsp course salt
¼ tsp garlic salt
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
1 ½ tsp dried thyme
whole (6-7) pound roasting chicken
1 T butter
In a small bowl, mix together paprika, salt, garlic salt, cayenne pepper and dried thyme. Set aside. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Wash chicken and pat dry. Tuck in wings and tie together legs. Place in a cast iron skillet. Rub with softened butter.

With DRY hands, sprinkle with the spice mixture; DO NOT RUB. Bake until coating is blackened (30 to 40 Minutes). Tent with tin foil and continue cooking about 1 ½ hours until juices run clear. Remove chicken and let stand at least 5 minutes before carving. Pour pan juices into a clear glass measuring cup; skim fat from the top. Strain if you like and serve sauce with the chicken.

The smell of this chicken cooking is mouth watering. Your family will never notice you walking out the door for bingo. Leftovers (if there are any) are great cut up on a salad the next day for lunch!

Bingo Babe Talk Recipe Instructions
Your Recipe may be posted on this blog and added to the Bingo Babe Cookbook.

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