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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Is Your Bingo Parking Lot Safe?

In order for Bodacious Bingo Babe to pass along some words of wisdom, she must first tell you a little story.

I am generally a creature of habit. When I go to my local Bingo hall, I always park in the same place, sit in the same seat and spend basically the same amount of money each week.

This one sunny day, I arrived at Bingo a little late. My usual parking space had been taken, so I drove around the block looking for another close place to park. Behind the Bingo hall was a narrow alley that lead to a small parking area. Again, in my defense, the sun was shining, the birds were singing. It was a glorious day, so I pulled into a space, grabbed my Bingo bag, locked my car and dashed into the building.

I never gave where I parked my car another thought as I played Bingo and racked in the cash. I was having one of the luckiest nights of my life! It seemed like I won every other game all night long. I get tingly all over just thinking about it!

At the end of the night, I happily danced out the front door of the hall, forgetting that my car was not in its usual spot.

It was 11:00 at night and the bright, well lit alley was now completely black. I walked slowly down the alley trying to focus my eyes in the dark, when suddenly, I felt a hand clamp down over my shoulder. I was too frightened even to scream as the large man turned me around and guided me back to the safety of the main street. As we got closer to the streetlight, I recognized the man as Bob (not his real name) from the Bingo hall. He was a regular there and always sat at a table in the back by himself. Several weeks ago, Bob was having trouble with the computer he was playing on and I jumped up in the middle of the game, fixed his computer, patted him on the back and wished him good luck before I dashed back to my own cards. He always smiled to me after that and I always sent back a friendly wave hello. He looked like such a lonely man and no one ever really spoke to him.

Anyway, if he had pulled me deeper down the alley, I have no idea what I would have done. But instead, he whispered in my ear that he “had my back,” and I should come with him as he kept a grip on my shoulder and guided me back toward the light.

When we got to the main street, and walked around to the front of the building, Bob informed me that he knew there were two men hiding in back of my car waiting for me so they could steal my money.

“I heard ‘em talkin’ Missy,” Bob said to me, as he wiped the sweat from his brow. “Those boys were up to no good and I couldn’t let ‘em hurt ya.”

Bless his heart. As big and strong as Bob is, the pore man was shaking like a leaf!

Bob continued to explain that he overheard a young man who was playing only a few cards at the table next to him. This young man would call someone on his cell phone every time someone won a large amount of money and would give the two men that waited outside a description of the person who won and where they put their winnings.

Because of the small kindness I had showed Bob, he put his own safety on the line to protect me, and very possibly could have saved my life.

The Police were notified and after a “sting operation” the following week, the organized gang was caught and arrested.

So here are a few of my words of wisdom. Plan your Bingo night. Clean out your purse, or better yet, don’t take one at all. Put only what you need (drivers license, cash) to play Bingo in a small purse which you carry on your body, not in your BINGO BAG. If you don’t have a Bingo Bag, get one. A good place to find one is Giftapolis. A thief would assume your money is in your Bingo Bag. Only take with you the amount of money you are willing to lose at Bingo. Never take a credit card. It is too easy to get caught up in all the excitement. With one swipe of a credit card you can really put yourself in debt. Ask me…I talk from experience here. But that’s yet another story.

So who do you go to when you want some really good advice about safety to pass along to all your Bingo Babe Family? The Safety Lady, of course!!! Today Bodacious Bingo Babe will step aside and leave today’s "Words of Wisdom" to the expert. Read carefully...


1. ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings. If the Parking Lot is new to you drive around first and familiarize yourself.
2. Night Parking suggests that you park in a well lit area.
3. Park as close to the building as possible. Back in to the space, if possible. This makes for a faster escape, if necessary.
4. Do not leave any valuables in plain view. If you want to put something in your trunk, do it BEFORE you leave home.
5. When leaving/entering your vehicle lock the open door immediately! Do not wait for automatic locks to work and do not use your remote to lock once you are outside of your vehicle.
6. Walk confidently, looking around the area at all times. Stay focused. Walking in pairs, especially at night, is also a good idea.
7. Carry your ID/money on your body not in a handbag (or your Bingo Bag). If you carry a handbag, make sure it is close to your body.
9. When returning to your vehicle make sure no one is in, around or under it.
10. Always have your keys/remote ready. Do not open your car with your remote until you are at the door. Unlock ONLY the Driver’s side door. (and remember #5. Lock your door BEFORE you even get in.)
11. Do not sit in car without starting the engine. Remember your keys are ready and available. Do not do paperwork, etc.
12. Do not talk to anyone/roll down your window/or anything … just go.
13. If someone suspicious approaches, blast your horn and go.
14. If someone stands anywhere near your car with a gun … go! If someone stands in front of your car with a gun … run him/her over!
15. Always carry Pepper Spray. It works instantly to deter a criminal!

None of this is being paranoid! This is being Smart! Stay Alert! Make Safety a Habit! Be Safe Always!

Contact Be Safe Always!/the Safety Lady at …..

So learn from this Bodacious Bingo Babes mistake... remember…Neverever… park in a place where no one can see you. In my rush to get into the building and play Bingo, I never noticed or even thought about the danger I put myself in. I was just blessed to have made a new guardian angel friend. Thank you Bob.

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