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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dauber Ink Disaster

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing was going right?

Well I’m here to tell ya Babes, today, was one of those days.

All I wanted to do was clean out my Bingo bag to get ready for Bingo. I always clean my daubers and make sure they are all full before I head out the door.

Anyway, Like I was saying. I was cleaning my daubers and wanted to go ahead and fill them all up. I have a simple routine I use to keep the mess contained…or so I thought.

I set a plastic wash basin, which I got at the dollar store, on the counter next to the sink. I put an old newspaper next to it to daub off the extra ink. I use paper towels to twist off the caps and clean the dried ink from around the edges of the dauber sponges. Under the sink I keep a box, which I toss almost empty daubers into. Sometimes it’s fun to try and mix up different colors, but a word of warning Babes, you must be careful when you do this, because it is not a good idea to mix different brand inks.

Anyway, I pulled out a bottle of purple ink and decided to mix it with pink. Carefully, I removed the spongecaps from both bottles, setting the bottles next to the sink. The caps with the ink soaked paper towels went into the basin. I swear to you, I only turned my back for a moment. But just as I turned my back, my cat jumped onto the counter knocking over both bottles, splattering ink everywhere. Ink flowed quickly over the edge of the counter, down the side and onto the floor. I scream in horror as the pink mixes with the purple in a stream under the table.
Tsunami (yes, my cats name is Tsunami) takes off with a tail full of ink…The dog comes running, slides through the ink and then proceeds to chase the cat who was now standing on my couch shaking her ink covered paws in disgust. I let out another blood curdling scream as my husband comes running in and slips on the ink the dog had tracked all over the floor. I jump forward trying to catch my husband and…you guessed it…Down I go with him into a pool of ink. The dog, thinking this is all great fun comes bounding back wagging his ink laden tail to see what is going on. With all the excitement he starts running around the house barking and trailing ink everywhere. Tsunami just sat down looking very amused at the whole situation as she swished her tail back and forth rubbing ink all over the back of the couch and the wall.

Within moments there was not an inch of my house that wasn’t covered in ink. It trailed down the hallway into the bedrooms, over my bedspreads. All the furniture was covered in paw prints. This was beyond just a little ink miss-hap. Leaning on one elbow, my husband tries to wipe the ink off his face, but instead just spreads a purple streak from his nose to his hairline. I start to laugh as the tears roll down my face. The only one who could help us now would be “The Cat in the Hat”.

So I am asking all my Bingo Babe friends for help. If anyone out there knows the secret how to get dauber ink out of carpets or off of upholstered furniture, this Bodacious Bingo Babe really needs your help. Please Contact Me me with your suggestions.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I went to and asked your question ‘how do you get dauber ink out of carpets or off of upholstered furniture’ and got some good responses for you to try. - Wanda K (a Big Bingo Babe Fan)
A G: Well I recently experienced ink (pen) on a micro-suede ottoman that my two little boys felt was quite artistic! In the end I used Methyl hydrate (lock de-icer) to remove it...I even have the pictures to prove it! It may help your problem as well!
Roxy P J: Try Resolve for capet and furniture!
Adam/pen: my thougt is to use canned hairspray on the spot then blot it till the ink is gone, blot don't rub.
i used this answer many times before and several times it was chosen as a best answer. any cheap canned hairspray. soak the spot then blot it.
good luck to ya