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Friday, May 22, 2009

Who would have thunk?

Bingo playin’ celebrities

I searched for names of celebrities who enjoy a game of online bingo and I came up with a nice list of actors, athletes and musicians who are avid fans of bingo and online bingo games.

Among them are both American and British celebrities like: Russel Crowe, Catherine-Zeta Jones, Shane Richie, Jade Jagger, Denise Van Outen, Michael Douglas, Sara Cox, Robbie Williams and even the ex-president of the United States, Mr. Bill Clinton himself claimed that he is into bingo. A nice respectful list, if you ask me. Makes me feel honored to be an American Online Bingo Player!

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1 comment:

Bingolero said...

Nice blog! Well done! Although your facts are not entirely right. You missed the biggest celebrity of all. Guess who? Me of course...:-)

Have a nice BINGO day!