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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Because of the economy and the high price of cigarettes, many Bingo Players are talking about quitting smoking… NOT!

With the price of cigarettes rising every day, many bingo players remain die hards, having a dauber in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Online bingo sites are probably happy with this because they can offer Bingo players a place to play Bingo without the smoke – their own homes.

Bingo players who do not smoke, and are bothered by the smoke search for other ways to play bingo without having to endure smoky rooms and burning eyes.

Many of this Bingo Babes friends smoke. They always have smoked and always will smoke. They don’t even want to talk about quitting.

Then there are the Bingo players who are convinced that most of their Bingo Buddy friends just won’t admit that they really don’t like smoking at all. They are addicted… that’s it… a sad fact, but a true one and they will keep smoking.

The smokers all light one cigarette after the other while daubing away and continue to cough and complain about how their chests hurt because they are smoking too much. The non smokers just have to put up with it. After all, it is the non smokers choice not to smoke and this particular Bingo hall allows smoking. Bottom line here is if the non smokers don’t want to breath in all that nasty smoke, they would just have to find another place to play. It’s just the way it is.

The smokers only really bothered me when I couldn’t hear the numbers being called because of their coughing and hacking, and I never did like the smell. Even though I smoked myself, I never smoked in my home, and every night after bingo I would strip right out of my clothes and toss them into the washing machine. I couldn’t get into bed until I showered off the strong cigarette smell. When you sit in a room with hundreds of cigarettes going all at the same time, even with the best ventilation, the smell sticks to you like glue!

One of the nicest things about online bingo rooms is the fact that you can sit around and play your favorite online bingo games without being annoyed by the smoke. It is sure healthier and I can definitely understand those players that will choose to quit their old bingo habits and start playing at online bingo sites. It might be hard for the land-based bingo industry, but this is how things go, I guess.

To the right are some of the Games that this Bingo Babe enjoys. I like having the option. I still enjoy going to the local hall to be with my friends, but with online bingo I can play whenever I want, without the smoke and I can even play in my nightie. Another fun thing about playing privately at home is I can jump up out of my chair when I win and do my Funky Bodacious Bingo Babe winning dance and pour myself a glass of wine to celebrate. Now how Bingo Bodacious is that!

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